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There is no Leadership without Teamwork

During my service with the Verona Board of Education, our public school system thrived and our students continue to strive for greater success than ever. Today, our school standings have reached an all time high, with accolades from NJ Monthly, College Boards, Rigorous Schools, etc. This is the result of the hard work of many people, and I am proud to have been an integral part of it!

As a member of the Town Council, my goal is to continue working on a broader scale, by being part of the team. Overdevelopment, traffic, taxes and safety are a concern for all residents. My goal will be to align the interests of the various parties so that we may all work together to continue making Verona a great place to live, with:

  • A Strategic Vision for our town - what is our plan?
  • A Plan for dealing with Over-development in Verona - solutions, not rhetoric.
  • Traffic, congestion, and most of all safety.  Let's work on a solution to keep our residents safe.
  • Financial responsibility. Our tax dollars must work for us. 

  • Collective approach: The township budget is 25% of our tax dollars; the Board of Education represents 55% - once and for all let's have a collective and partnered approach for the good of the whole town.

John Quattrocchi for Verona
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