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"I feel very fortunate having had the opportunity to work with a Board member and Board President of John Quattrocchi’s caliber for 15 years as the health benefits broker for the Verona Public Schools.  Many of our meetings and conversations pertained to collective bargaining contracts and the different strategies to lower both short and long term employee insurance costs, while providing the best possible benefits to the school district’s employees and their families. 

John’s capacity to understand the financial impact to every area of school board budget that was affected by insurance costs was truly impressive and unsurpassed by any board member with whom I have worked in my 24 years of experience in the New Jersey public sector marketplace.  Equally impressive, John had a natural sense of fairness and was able to simultaneously manage the best interests of the school district’s finances, employees, students and community.  These attributes made Verona a better place to live, work and provided its children with the best possible public school education.  John’s leadership, vision, intellect and team approach to problem solving will make him a tremendous asset to the Verona Town Council."

Anthony T. Ciardella, Jr., Sr. Vice President - Employee Benefits/Property & Casualty Divisions
Brown & Brown Benefit Advisors


"I was extremely fortunate to work with John Quattrocchi for five years in my capacity as superintendent of the Verona Public Schools. In my nearly 20 years in education, I have never worked with a Board of Education member who was so dedicated to leading a district and advocating for the best interests of students and staff. John not only possesses intellectual prowess and insight, but leads with caring, thoughtful leadership and guidance for all of those around him. 

John has ardently worked as a Board member to enhance rigorous academic learning opportunities for all students; strategically supported programs to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all children; and engaged stakeholders in meaningful dialogue with his financial acumen that supported all programs and services to enhance teaching and learning. I have always been impressed by John’s ability to articulate a vision for Verona consistent with the district’s unique needs and goals in our strategic plan, through a course that requires intent, process, perseverance, and heart. His philosophy is rooted in the belief that we must always strive to maximize the unique potential in each and every child. 

John possesses an innate ability to connect with people, to build a team approach, and develop collegial relationships so harmony and mutual respect must exist. There is incredible significance in the leadership that helps guide any organization to greater heights. Leadership is demanding, but for those who are up to the challenge, committed to excellence, and willing to embark in the pursuit of striving to meet the best interests of all, there is no greater endeavor."

Dr. Rui M. Dionisio, Superintendent of Schools

Verona Public Schools
121 Fairview Avenue
Verona, New Jersey 07044


"It was my privilege to have worked with John during my 10-year tenure on the Verona Board of Education.  His leadership, analytical thinking and interpersonal skills were, and remain,unmatched among all the board members I have met throughout the state.  John put Verona on the map as a highly effective and impactful school district, helping to prepare our students for secondary education and further careers, as well as helping to maintain our community’s property values.

John led our district through a robust and impressive strategic planning process, represented the district in some tumultuous state legislation, and stewarded us through several thorny legal cases.  He led the recruitment of several highly-regarded school superintendents who have gone on to distinguished careers, in large measure because of John’s leadership and mentor ship.

The citizens of Verona will be well served to have him as our councilman."

- Steve Spardel
Former Verona School Board Member


"I worked for John for 5 years and have known him personally for almost 10. I have never met nor worked with a man with more character, integrity and heart. John cares about people and about results. He has the unique combination of a person who is very successful in driving results while building up others around him in the process. The world would be a better place with more John Quattrocchi in it. He makes everyone and everything around him better. He is the unique combination of logical, year caring, hardworking yet playful. He has high expectations for himself and those around him but is willing to put in the time to help others reach the goal."

- Mindi Marisa, Financial Services Colleague



"I am sending in this picture because Mr. Quattrocchi is a great man and he deserves our support.  Most Board of Ed. Presidents shake your hand when you get your diploma, Mr. Quattrocchi high fives. Thanks for everything Mr. Q!"

- Cassidy McKeen
Verona Resident and VHS Graduate


“I met John Quattrocchi over 15 years ago as a financial services colleague. In that time I worked directly for John for approximately 5 years. I’ve never had more respect and admiration for a manager. John is an unparalleled leader and passionate doer. Time and time again, he’d skillfully turn contentious and directionless meetings into focused, collaborative team efforts. John has a unique ability for bringing people together and steering projects through to completion. His approach to solving problems is pragmatic and efficient.

John inspires those around him with his enthusiastic, thoughtful approach to achieving goals. He believes in living life to the fullest and in giving back to a society in which he himself achieved much through hard work. He leads by example, in both his personal and professional life. Though we no longer work together, I am proud to call John my mentor and friend today."

- Sari Hutchen
Former financial services & alternate investments colleague


"I had the opportunity to work with John while serving as a Verona Public School administrator. John, as a Board of Education member, demonstrated leadership, accountability, and a commitment to improve the quality of education for the students of Verona.During his years on the board, we discussed hundreds of issues ---some small ---others intense and crucial. In each case, John demonstrated care and concern, as well as a desire to get to the heart of a matter and make an informed decision.He welcomed my thoughts and perspectives, listening and working with me to assist in making solid, well thought-out decisions. I respected his role as an educational leader in our community, and his team-based approach resulted in our district creating outstanding, effective programs that positively impacted our students.John was always willing to hear new ideas and to consider their values and how they would positively impact our students. This was never more evident as when the Verona High School Senior Capstone Project was presented. Realizing the value this program would have on our students, John took an active role in assisting our staff in making this idea become a reality. His experience in business certainly assisted us in the planning and major details of the project. John not only supported our program,he became one of the first group of mentors serving in the program. His efforts and enthusiastic approach helped the program to be a success. I am sure John will bring the qualities he demonstrated while serving on the Verona Board of Education to the Verona Town Council. His intelligent, thoughtful, and caring attitude will serve as an asset to the council and to the Verona community.

-Glenn J. Cesa, Verona High School Administrator, Retired


“I have had the ultimate pleasure of working with JQ since 2014 at Barclays Capital.

I met JQ early on in my career. When interviewing with JQ and hearing my story and background of acquiring two degrees, he was insistent that he offer me a better opportunity. JQ not only took the time to teach me the in’s and out’s of finance and Wall Street, but he also mentored me continuously. He gave me the opportunity not only to help myself grow, but also to help my family. He put me in a position to get my student loans under control, make smarter financial decisions as a young adult, and to save to afford travel and the life tools this generation so desperately needs.

JQ also assisted in growing my career and did everything he could as a manager to move me into roles and teams that satisfied my desire to grow and tutored me, along with other colleagues, for our industry licensing exams. I later went on to venture at a hedge fund with the support and recommendation of JQ. He often checked up on me and when it turned out not to be a good fit, he had a hand in getting me back to Barclays and has been supportive in every way possible.

Over the years that I have known JQ, he has surpassed his management responsibilities, with not just me but with the 300+ people who work on our trading floor. He constantly goes out of his way to make sure people are ok. He has a motto he constantly repeats to people, “Your order of life should be health, family, and then work. If any of those things ever get out of order, please come see me. I want to help.”

This motto sums up what a unique and incredible manager he is and he should be a role for managers across any working environment or industry. I truly believe JQ has a niche for making things better while keeping people and their well being as a priority. My only regret is that I do not live in Verona and so am not be able to experience firsthand all the amazing things he will do on the Town Council. I am certain I will hear about them and I absolutely look forward to it.”

-Martine S. Voigt 
Barclays, Primes Services


“In 2003, John and I were elected to the Verona Board of Education. It was a genuinely contested election. As a result, my early working relationship with him on the Board was strained at best. However, as time passed and common sense prevailed, it was apparent to me that we both had the same goal in mind. That was to do whatever we were capable of to improve the education climate in Verona. In the twelve years that we eventually served together, we had more than our share of heated discussions and other assorted differences of opinions. However, at no time did I ever doubt John’s honesty, integrity or single minded intention to do the right thing. You don’t have to guess where things stand with him. He will be very happy to tell you.

Over the years, the district passed two major Bond Referenda greatly improving the physical infrastructure and overall educational landscape. It hired four young progressive Superintendents to lead the district, each incorporating their own distinct creativity to enhance the academic process. And, in that time I came to know John as an intelligent, capable leader loyal to the cause and dedicated to getting the job done in the most efficient manner possible. Public office is a public trust and John epitomizes that principle.

 - Joe Bellino
Former Board Member, Verona


"Although I’ve known John for years, I had the privilege of working closely with him the past four years on the BOE. During that time, I have seen nothing less than a 100% effort in being prepared to tackle the job in front of him. Always focused and forward thinking, he helped guide our schools on an upward trajectory. His dedication, professionalism, and deep understanding of finances and strategic planning have served Verona Public Schools well.  I am very excited at the prospect of him bringing that same skill set to our town council.”

 -Lisa Freschi
President, Verona Board of Education


“John was a tremendous mentor to me during my time working for the Verona Public Schools.  Many of the strategies I apply in my current Superintendent role toward cultivating collaboration and buy-in for goals to bring about systemic change I learned through working with John during his time as Board President.  He always put students first in all decisions he made as Board President, while recognizing his responsibility to the taxpayers to enhance student learning in the most fiscally responsible way possible.    

As Board President, John actively listened to all stakeholders, whether in a public setting or one on one, acknowledging the importance of whatever concern was being expressed.  His patience, careful consideration, and reflective nature fostered an environment of effective community collaboration that helped Verona Public Schools provide opportunities for students to achieve their full potential.

I truly feel I am a better educator because of the time I spent working with John to advance the Verona Public Schools. And, I also gained a lifelong mentor and friend in the process.”

-Elizabeth Jewett
Superintendent, Watchung Hills Regional High School District


“As the Business Administrator and Board Secretary for the Verona Public Schools, I’ve worked with John Quattrocchi for over 15 years.  John ran for the Board of Education with the sole purpose of improving the educational experience for all Verona students.  Recognizing that Verona already had a very good school system, he would repeatedly say, “we are good, but how do we become great?”

John had the vision to lead the district to greatness.  Instrumental in hiring four superintendents, recognizing the need for a curriculum department and have tremendous insight for all financial aspects of the district, Verona was bound for great things.  Why do young people buy homes in Verona? Because of the school system.  John has always been the first one to give credit to others when successes have been achieved; however, if not for his vision and leadership, Verona Schools would not be as widely recognized as it is today.  I believe John would bring this same knowledge, leadership and vision to the Verona Town Council.”

- Cheryl Nardino
Business Administrator, Verona Public Schools


“I have known John Quattrocchi for over a decade.  John is a tireless public advocate who has always made the right, rather than easy, decision.  John is a consummate leader who is possessed of a deep understanding of political and organizational systems, and a passion for improving outcomes for his community.  John seeks always first to understand, then to improve the circumstances of those he serves.  As the long time Board President of the Verona Public Schools, John’s analytical prowess and humanistic approach has helped Verona be recognized as one of the pre-eminent school systems in NJ and the nation.  John is a tireless leader who improves any system he serves with a hyper focus toward continual improvement.  John taught me what it means to be truly devoted to one’s community.  His compassion, intelligence, and relentless devotion to Verona will only be expanded as a member of the Town Council where he can fully serve all community members."

Image result for chuck sampson freehold

-Chuck Sampson
Superintendent, Freehold Regional High School District


“John is a person of impeccable character. He was the catalyst for the major progress made within the Verona Public Schools over the past 15 years and did so in a fiscally responsible manner. He has a knack for breaking problems down to their simplest form and developing solutions that have the consensus and commitment of stakeholders.   Most importantly, he gives of his time and experience unconditionally and truly seeks to impact and improve lives in a positive way.”